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LOGLINE:  A former Navy SEAL, who blames himself for a series of mysterious deaths, pursues a heartbroken single mother as she searches for her missing daughter.
CONCEPTA dramatic fantasy in the tradition of Leaving Las Vegas with elements reminiscent of The Fisher King, Jacobs-Ladder and Manchester By The Sea.
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2022 PAGE AWARDS international screenplay competition finalist.
Finalist, “Best Fantasy” & “Best Overall Screenplay” at Global Script Challenge.
The best script I’ve read recently,  a Jacobs Ladder in the hands of Del Toro”.

-David Dastmalchian

(The Dark Knight, Dune, Suicide Squad, Oppenheimer)
A story told primarily from the perspective of first-generation immigrants, Grace, is an unflinching, hard-hitting drama that isn’t afraid to tackle heavy themes in a straightforward way. The sudden decline of Grace’s life, compared to the constant misery throughout Matt’s life, perfectly captures the inconsistent and brutal nature of tragedy. Near the end of the script, Matt apologizes to Grace, saying tragedy follows him and in turn follows her, which prompts Grace to perfectly summarize the piece’s theme by calmly stating, it’s not Matt’s fault; it could have happened to anyone. It’s moments like these and the harrowing opening 20 pages that really fuel this emotionally devastating story."

-Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting


Meet the Team

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Told primarily from a first-generation American immigrant perspective, the story addresses relevant themes of loss, social isolation, and loneliness, all told within a heroic search for self-forgiveness, and poses the question, Can love really conquer all?

Audiences will respond to Grace because it’s THEIR STORY.


Watching tragedy produces a cathartic response. It produces a therapeutic outpouring of emotions that actually feels good since it reconnects the viewer with humanity, often resulting in a renewed purpose centered around community.

In other words, it calls us to our better selves.

Sam Kadi and Jeffery Schultz at Cannes Film Festival

At Cannes Film Festival, the day I pitched Sam my story

This project is dear to my heart since it allows me to work with my good friend and the incredibly talented Sam Kadi. It's also meaningful to me as a storyteller.  In the tradition of storytelling, it gives a voice to the underrepresented and overlooked in an entertaining, hard-hitting style that asks questions rather than simply providing answers.

As momentum grows and we build our creative and investing partners, please feel free to contact us for additional information, collaboration opportunities, revenue strategy, or a look at our visual mood board below. -Jeffery Schultz

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Sam Kadi
Sam K production

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