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John Savage, Kate Connor and Jeffery T. Schultz on the set of Easy Way Out

"You're good... one of the best directors I've worked with."

 -John Savage

Carrie Sayer on the set of American Duel, directed by Jeffery T. Schultz

"Jeffery is a man with a vision. He is meticulous, prepared, personable and a true collaborator.  He treats ACTORS with utmost respect, encouragement, and trust. He is truly a “Yes, And...” director, as well as with the entire crew and design team."  -Carrie Sayer

Filmmaking is an artistic and narrative expression that requires a small army to produce, so you must embrace it as a collaborative endeavor from the start.  However, someone has to have the primary vision and voice, something to say, and the drive to see it through to the conclusion and present the story in a way people will watch it.

My intention is to give birth visually to an energetic presence. I don’t necessarily set out to communicate an idea or belief; however, the idea or story needing to be told always manifests within the work; that's the magic, whether in the writing or in the camera. So the important point is to believe in your unique process and keep creating.

-Jeffery T. Schultz
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